About BikeTouringRoutes.com

The focus of this mapping website is on established long distance bicycle touring routes that cross longer distances, preferably connected to other routes along the way.

Destinations are important to the bicyclist, they are the source of services such as groceries, restaurants, lodging or camping. They are also places to meet people and take a break along the way in an interesting place. Our criteria for destination inclusion is that the destination should have a grocery store, restaurant, and lodging or camping, however this is sometimes difficult to verify and things change over time, please do your research as you travel to verify that services exist.

This website was created to showcase United States Bicycle Route 35 at its approval. The goal is to display the route, and to allow users to access the map of the route using smartphone devices. The route data is available for download for use on GPS devices when no web access is available.

There are a number of benefits to establishing a United States Bicycle Route. A long distance bicycle touring route coordinates a route between many different road agencies (organizations that build and maintain road systems). This coordination encourages prioritization for adding connected bicycle facilities such as wide shoulders and separated paths along the route as roads are improved. An established, public route increases public awareness of the possibilities of bicycle touring. A designated route encourages new touring bicyclists to take that first step, by providing a level of support for first timers.

Touring bicyclists may follow designated routes, or they may explore and find their own routes. While this website focuses on designated routes, users are encouraged to explore!